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  • Parabens & Sulphates

    19 May at 09:03 from atlas

    There are millions of products on the market containing Parabens & Sulphates. If you are using soap, skincare, deodorants or body ...

  • What's New?.

    2 August at 11:32 from atlas

    We have so much happening this year! It is crazy - but in a good way. Our new Manuka Honey soaps are now in stock & will be on the ...

  • Coconut Oil in the diet

    9 February at 08:46 from atlas

    I am a huge fan of Coconut oil. For skin, hair and for internal use. Coconut oil contains a huge array of electrolytes, is nutrient ...

  • NEW Recipe pages

    5 February at 10:23 from atlas

    We have started to add our natural recipe pages and will be adding more over the coming months. So far we have added recipes for all of ...

  • Astars Lotions & Potions

    5 July at 17:46 from atlas

    The Good Morning show is now featuring Astars Lotions & Potions segment using Source Living's recipes and products. Between 9am ...

  • Argan Oil

    3 February at 18:31 from atlas

    Not only is Argan oil - otherwise known as Moroccan oil - the best oil ever for hair - it is fantastic for the face too. It is one of ...

  • Muscle & Joint Rub

    3 February at 18:24 from atlas

    Source Living Natural Muscle & Joint rub will soon be available in your local Health store.  We are only weeks from ...


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