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  • Coconut Oil in the diet

    9 February at 08:46 from atlas

    I am a huge fan of Coconut oil. For skin, hair and for internal use. Coconut oil contains a huge array of electrolytes, is nutrient dense and is a healthy saturated fat. Of late media has been slamming Coconut Oil saying it is a saturated fat & therefore will cause heart disease. I believe that there are a lot of BIG companies out there that dont want us to eat healthy - they stand to lose billions of dollars if we switch to healthy low-cost alternatives! And so they leak this sort of Scare Tactic information. Finally an article that is lifting the lid on the Fat vs Low Fat dilemna. Trans fat is bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Think margarine, processed biscuits, cakes, crackers, crisps, breads etc. These are made with Trans fats. Our body is made to use fat in its metabolism - Saturated Fat. This is Good. Good. Good. Think eggs, butter, meat, coconut oil etc. Read the full story at    


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