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  • Parabens & Sulphates

    19 May at 09:03 from atlas

    There are millions of products on the market containing Parabens & Sulphates. If you are using soap, skincare, deodorants or body products with either of these nasty additives in it you seriously should reconsider your choices. Parabens are endocrine disruptors. They are known to mimic estrogen. Our body is a highly tuned machine and the endocrine system drives a lot of very important stuff. For females - our body is made to produce the estrogen we need and poor diet or toxic additives in skin & body products can throw out this delicate balance. Cancer researchers are now quite open about the link between breast cancer & too much estrogen. They are not so open about how one gets too much estrogen though. The other reason too much estrogen can be a huge health problem is boys & men use the same bath/body products women do. and if they have Parabens - Estrogen mimickers - what is it doing to their body? Read your labels people - avoid Parabens & Sulphates - they are known carcinogens. I highly recommend reading Dr Axe's website for more on the health risks of Parabens & Sulphates or if you have cancer or live with someone who has cancer then read the book  The Truth About Cancer by Ty Bollinger


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